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Referral Process

If you are a parent and would like your child to see me, please contact me at or call 901-373-2654.
How can a student be referred to the school counselor?
Self Referral by Student
Teacher, Administrator, and Staff Referral
Parent Referral
Peer Referral
Counselor Observation
Individual Counseling
Short-term individual counseling is available to students at the request of parents, students, and/or teachers to meet the needs of all students expressing difficulties dealing with academic, personal concerns, and/or other struggles.  School Counseling services are short-term services and not intended as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment for any mental health disorder. 

***Parental permission slips are sent home prior to a student’s participation in a series of individual counseling sessions.***
Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me.  As a school counselor, I believe that each student and their families deserve to be treated with the deepest respect and discretion.  I will guard your privacy as much as permitted by law.  As a school counselor, I will keep information confidential with some exceptions.
Child abuse or neglect, threats of harming self or others must be disclosed to the proper authorities.  
If you have any questions regarding confidentiality, please feel free to contact your child's counselor.