Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy

Class of 2020

Freshman Football 2018

Service Wall #1 - GoJimGo & LeBonheur Childrens Hospital


Bartlett Girls Bowlers are District Champions!! 4th year in a row!!

BHS 2016 JV Volleyball

Academy Choirs 2018

Friday Academy Time 

College Day

SuperHeros C Lunch

BHS 2016 Girls Cross Country

Academy Choirs 2018


Freshman Football....

Homecoming PepRally at BHS 2016

Tacky Tourist Day...with a lot of Spirit

2016-2017 Honors Academy

Academy Ninth Grade Band - 2017

Academy POM

BHS 2016 Girls Cross Country

Freshman Football 2018

First look at 2020...

Academy Health Sciences 2017

BHS Wrestling 2016-2017

BHS 2016 Varsity Girls Soccer

Academy Winterfest Court 2018

BHS Boys and Girls Bowling - Regional Champs

BHS 2016 Color Guard

BHS 2016 Trap Team

                                                BHS Freshman Volleyball

SuperHeroes A Lunch

Academy Art Students Visit Brooks Art Museum, See Academy Student Work on Display

BHS Marching Band Goodwill Performance - Academy 10/26/18

BHS Softball 2018

017 Academy Awards

Open House/Club&Activity Fair 2018

Bartlett Freshmen defeat Germantown 50-48 

SuperHeroes B Lunch

Freshman Artists Recognized by the BCS Board for Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 

Homecoming PepRally 2016 at BHS

BHS Combined Orchestra

Hola y Buenos Dias! From the Academy Spanish Club!

Freshman Football 2017

Panther Spirit Day with the Breakfast Club

Good Morning, BHS Class of 2022!

BHS Basketball 2017-2018

Freshman Cheerleaders...

BHS 2016 Boys Cross Country

Bartlett Academy Choirs 2016

BHS Girls Lacrosse 2018

Freshman Girls Basketball 2016-2017

BHS 2016 Girls Soccer

BHS Theatre 2018 - Tarzan

Freshman Football 2018

Academy Ambassadors 2018

Academy Ambassadors


Friday Academy Time

Boys Cross Country - All-Metro Honors

BHS Cheer 2016

Ribbon Week 2016-2017

Welcome to Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy!         Students will be out of school Monday, November 19th, through Friday, November 23rd, for Thanksgiving holidays.       First Semester Exams will be Wednesday, December 19th, Thursday, December 20th, and Friday, December 21st. All students will have an exam in every class. Wednesday, December 19th, will be 2nd and 5th period exams; Thursday, December 20th, will be 3rd and 6th period exams; and Friday, December 21st, will be 1st and 4th period exams. Friday, December 21st will be a half day for students (no lunch), and they will dismiss at 10:30am.          Interim-Grade Reports will go home with all students on Friday, November 16th.          Parents, please check us out on Facebook at for information and announcements.                                  

News & Announcements

Welcome, Jennifer Gafa, our new School Resource Officer.

She is replacing Officer John White, who has been promoted in the Bartlett Police Department. He has been the Academy SRO for all four and a half years, and was the SRO at Shadowlawn for a few years before that.
Officer Gafa is no stranger to the Academy. She has provided our female students with important information about internet and social media safety. We are grateful to BPD for allowing her to spend her days here at the Academy with us.

Check PowerSchool Attendance Weekly

Parents, please remember to check your child’s attendance on PowerSchool weekly, or after you have sent in a note. We have a very small window of time for making corrections, and we want your child’s attendance record to be 100% accurate. Sometimes notes don’t make it to the Attendance Office for one reason or another.
Emails (to,, or are always a good way to send a note or follow-up on a written note. Weekly checks will hopefully prevent situations at the end of the grading period, the semester, or the year, where we have inaccurate information and lack the ability to make changes.
Students, you can also monitor your attendance on PowerSchool and let us know about errors. This is good practice for second semester when you want to remain eligible for exam exemptions at the end of the year.

Parents, here are some resources that support CPM for Algebra and Geometry.

Parent Guide

Parent Homework Help:

Additional Practice sites and explanations

Pre-sales for the BHS Panther Parade Yearbook - $65 for Freshmen right now at the Academy

Pre-sales for the BHS Panther Parade Yearbook: For $65, freshmen can pre-order a yearbook here at the Academy.* The $65 price will not last forever; prices will go up. They will be $100 or more by spring. Our school pictures this year, which will be September 11th, will be used for the freshman section of this years yearbook. Start your four-year yearbook collection this year.
*We can only sell yearbooks to freshmen here at the Academy.

Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Parents and students, all car riders must be picked up and dropped off in the back of the school. The south parking lot near the front of the school by the park is for teacher parking only, not for student drop off and pick-up.

Car Rider Drop-Off Suggestions to Avoid Tardies


There have been a number of concerns lately about the length of the Car Rider line. While I can’t tell people when to drop off students in the morning, I can tell you that students can get into the building at 6:05am. The Car Rider line tends to get backed up between 6:30am and 7am. If you want to drop off between 6:05am and 6:30am, you may find that the line is either non-existent or moves more quickly. Students should come directly to the cafeteria where they can work on homework or talk to friends. The breakfast line usually opens about 6:40am. Students are tardy if they arrive to 1st Period after 7am.

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Principal's Message

Monday, September 24th, 2018
I am proud to announce that Bartlett Academy, along with Bartlett High School, Bon Lin Middle, Ellendale Elementary, and Oak Elementary, were named Tennessee Reward Schools for 2018 by the State of Tennessee. I am always proud of the work my faculty and staff do everyday, and this is recognition of that work.  But this didn’t just happen because of the work that goes on inside our building for seven hours a day, five days a week.
This goes back to the dream, the planning, and the commitment by Mayor Keith McDonald and the Bartlett Aldermen. This goes back to the vision of our Bartlett City Schools Board of Education and Superintendent Stephens. This goes back to the work of our District Office - Teaching and Learning, Student Services, Operations, and Finance, whose work to support our schools may go unnoticed by many, but is never unappreciated by those of us in the schools.
As principal of the Academy, I have to give much credit to the amazing faculty and staff that I have the privilege of working with each day. I happen to think they are the best, but I’m sure that every principal in every school in Bartlett would say the same thing about their own faculty and staff. I also have to recognize the tremendous support we get from our parents and the Bartlett community as a whole. They lift us up and support us in so many ways, large and small. Most importantly, they entrust us with their children everyday, and we are thankful for that. That brings me to my most important thank you, which is to my students and former students. It’s the work they do each day that makes us successful. Nothing we do as educators really matters if that doesn’t happen.
So, as a principal I get the privilege of announcing this for my school. And I have the privilege of congratulating my fellow principals at BHS, Bon Lin Middle, Ellendale, and Oak. I’m proud of the work we do at the Academy, and I’m proud of the work we do all across this district. But over and above being proud, I have an even stronger feeling of gratitude for everyone in BCS and Bartlett who works to make us successful every day.
John McDonald, Principal
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Upcoming Events

Make-up Pictures
Date: 9/26/2018
Location: Bartlett Academy
Students Dismiss Early
Date: 9/14/2018
Location: All schools
Half-Day for Students
Date: 9/14/2018, 7 AM 10:30 AM
Location: Bartlett Academy
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Date: 9/14/2018, 11 AM 2 PM
Location: Bartlett Academy


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