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Principal McCain

Mrs. McCain
Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! I am honored and excited to have been appointed Principal at Bartlett’s Freshman Academy! Bartlett’s freshmen have a unique learning environment! Our students will have multiple opportunities to hone leadership skills, learn from some of the best teachers and make many new freshman friends. I am fully committed to the students, parents, teachers and our community! I am committed to continue Bartlett’s legacy of success through hard work, collaboration, and a strong partnership with the Bartlett community!
As a teacher, one of my most exciting adventures was co-teaching math in a freshman academy. The bonds I made with my students, their parents, and the community continue today!  I am very excited to be a part of the development of Bartlett’s Class of 2027!
To the Class of 2027, I hope you begin your freshman year relaxed, recharged, and ready. I hope you had a relaxing summer with a gentler pace. I hope you are recharged to begin your high school career with energy and dedication! I hope you are ready - ready to adapt to a new schedule, new teachers, new classmates, new requirements, new demands and many new opportunities! Make good decisions, make good friends, make good habits for a great freshman year!