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School Profile - Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy

Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy was established in July of 2014, as part of the newly formed Bartlett City Schools.  Housed in the old Shadowlawn Middle School building, a significant amount of renovation and restructuring was done during the months of June and July that year to prepare the building to meet the needs of about 600 incoming freshmen.

This will be our sixth year for the Academy, and our sixth class of freshmen, following five very successful years where we saw a promotion rate of 94.7% in 2015, a promotion rate of 95.2% in 2016, a promotion rate of 94.5% in 2017, a promotion rate of 98% in 2018, and a promotion rate of 97.4% in 2019.  

For our sixth year, we are anticipating about 750 new freshmen. All freshmen will be issued a laptop, as Bartlett Academy is one of five schools in the district to implement the 1:1 technology initiative.

The school offers a full range of ninth grade level classes ranging from standard and honors level English, standard and honors level Algebra, Physical Science, STEM I, standard and honors level World History, Lifetime Wellness, standard and honors level Geometry, standard and honors level Biology, and standard and honors level Spanish I, Spanish II, German, and French.  Students also enrolled in elective classes such as Band, Chorus, Guitar, Strings, Theater, Art I and Art II, Photography, Criminal Justice, Health Science, and Computer Applications.

This year we will welcome our sixth Honors Academy cohort, a tradition that was established with the Class of 2018, and continued with the next four Academy groups.  These students will continue at BHS as an honors cohort, culminating in graduation "with distinction" from Bartlett High School in 2023.