Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy

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Clinic Supplies Needed

Clinic Supplies Needed

Large cups at least 12 -16 oz
Band-Aids – all sizes especially large
Feminine Hygiene Products
Snacks of any kind especially some with sugar for diabetics and
Fruit Juice boxes
Lysol spray/wipes
Cough drops and/or hard candy
Paper Towels
Latex Free Gloves
Dixie Cups for medicine
Hand Sanitizer
Ziploc Baggies – Sandwich size and a few quart size.
Bandage Tape 1-2 inches- any type
4 by 4 gauze and stretch gauze to wrap injuries with
Contact Solutions
Baby wipes

All donations, large and small, will be greatly appreciated.
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Seeking Parents or Students Who Would Like to Share Their Story About How Bartlett Schools Have Impacted Their Lives

Parents, do you have a story to tell about how Bartlett City Schools has impacted your life? Would you like to share your school journey with us? We are seeking parents and students who would be willing to record a brief video that would be shared at the 2019 System-Wide Address in August. If you are interested, please contact me by email: <>
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Course Verification Forms for 2019-2020

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Course verification forms will go home with all freshmen today. Please review with your student and sign it before returning to English teachers by next Tuesday, April 23rd. Students must take at least 6 credits and up to 7 credits. If students have 6 credits listed, they have signed up for a year-long study hall. If students have 6.5 credits listed, they have signed up for a semester study hall. To change a course request, please cross through the course you would like to drop and write in a new course beside it. If you would like to change a course to Honors, Pre-AP, or AP, you must turn in an Honors contract or parent override form to change it. As a reminder, course requests are not guaranteed since they are based upon availability at BHS. Lastly, we were informed today that the Culinary Arts course will be full with upperclassmen. If your student chose Culinary Arts 1 as a course for next year, it is advised that they choose a different elective course. Please let me know if you have any questions.

The 10th grade course options and course catalog links are below:
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Check PowerSchool Attendance Weekly

Parents, please remember to check your child’s attendance on PowerSchool weekly, or after you have sent in a note. We have a very small window of time for making corrections, and we want your child’s attendance record to be 100% accurate. Sometimes notes don’t make it to the Attendance Office for one reason or another.
Emails (to,, or are always a good way to send a note or follow-up on a written note. Weekly checks will hopefully prevent situations at the end of the grading period, the semester, or the year, where we have inaccurate information and lack the ability to make changes.
Students, you can also monitor your attendance on PowerSchool and let us know about errors. This is good practice for second semester when you want to remain eligible for exam exemptions at the end of the year.
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