Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy

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Car Rider Drop-Off Suggestions to Avoid Tardies


There have been a number of concerns lately about the length of the Car Rider line. While I can’t tell people when to drop off students in the morning, I can tell you that students can get into the building at 6:05am. The Car Rider line tends to get backed up between 6:30am and 7am. If you want to drop off between 6:05am and 6:30am, you may find that the line is either non-existent or moves more quickly. Students should come directly to the cafeteria where they can work on homework or talk to friends. The breakfast line usually opens about 6:40am. Students are tardy if they arrive to 1st Period after 7am.
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Kids Kan 2019

Mrs. Tutor’s photography club and Academy Ambassadors are teaming up for Kids Kan this year. We will start collecting donated non-perishable food items on Wednesday. Kids Kan will run through March 29th.
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Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Parents and students, all car riders must be picked up and dropped off in the back of the school. The south parking lot near the front of the school by the park is for teacher parking only, not for student drop off and pick-up. Student drop-offs and pick-ups present a significant safety issue as this is currently a transition area for students.
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