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Mission and Vision

Our Mission
It is the mission of the Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy to establish and maintain rigorous standards and expectations for academic performance and responsible behavior, to monitor and identify struggling students early, and to provide intervention and support for success. In so doing, we will provide each ninth grade student with the opportunity to achieve academic proficiency and complete all course requirements for promotion to tenth grade and continued academic success thereafter, to explore growth and leadership opportunities in other areas of interest, and to establish a solid foundation of success for high school and life after high school.

Our Beliefs
1. High standards and expectations for academic performance and individual responsibility will prepare freshmen with a solid foundation for high school.
2. A faculty-wide collaborative effort to monitor, identify, and intervene early with struggling students will help to keep all students on track for graduation.
3. A faculty and student culture that values relationship, cooperation, and a shared responsibility for the success of all students will create a sense of community among ninth graders as they prepare to move to the tenth grade.
4. A school-wide culture of mutual respect will allow all students to develop a sense of personal identity and self-confidence that will make them stronger and more resilient as they transition to high school.

Our Vision
The Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy will be a place where freshmen will establish a foundation of learning that will ensure their successful transition to tenth grade and each subsequent grade, their graduation from high school, and preparation for life after high school.