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Welcome back to another school year!  My name is Pendora Sumlar and I will be working as the prevention counselor at the Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy.  I am very excited to begin another school year at the academy.  I will also be working with Mrs. Isaac who will be serving as the academic counselor.  As school counselors, we are here to assist with a variety of needs.  Please explore my website for various information and resources to assist with your individual needs.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Contact Information:
Office Number:  901-373-2654 Ext: 5504
During the second semester, I will be working with a school counseling intern from the University of Tennessee.  Please see the attachment below regarding details.
What does a school counselor do?
  • Coordinate the comprehensive school counseling program
  • Conducts conferences with parents
  • Counsels with individuals and/or small groups
  • Advises students on academic and career choices
  • Assists students in crisis situations
  • Helps to identify individual student needs
  • Analyzes tests results to provide remediation or enrichment
  • Counselors adhere to strict legal and ethical standards int eh performance of these obligations