Hannah Quinn Harris » Welcome to English 9 and English Honors 9!

Welcome to English 9 and English Honors 9!

Introduction to the Class:
Hi everyone! I am thrilled to meet you and walk alongside you this year! I know this year will bring many challenges and joys, but through it all, this class will be a place of learning and growth. You will make mistakes, and so will I; but, it will be from those mistakes that we will learn and grow. We will work hard in this class, build relationships with our peers, and hopefully gain new perspectives about life and about ourselves. The stories and texts that we will read are powerful. Let them change you. I am on your team, and my deepest desire is for you to succeed.  Please let me know how I can help you this year. Welcome to high school class of 2027!!! 
How to Use this Website:
If you click on the pages to the right, you will find the syllabus, information about me, and the summer reading. If you ever have a question about an assignment, please send an email to me at [email protected]
Class Schedule
  • 1st - Planning
  • 2nd - English 9 
  • 3rd - English 9 
  • 4th - English Honors 9
  • 5th- English Honors 9 
  • 6th - English 9
Supply List:
Please have the following supplies with you every day:
  • Fully charged laptop
  • Pencil or pen
  • Loose- Leaf paper
  • Folder
  • Headphones (must be able to connect to your laptop) 
  • Art Supplies: markers, crayons, or colored pencils - you choose! 
  • Always have your book with you!! You will need 7 Habits for the first two weeks of school. Honors, you will also need to bring The Pearl or Animal Farm
If your budget allows, and you would like to donate extra supplies to the class, then we could always use the following items: 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Clorox wipes
  • Pencils (mechanical or regular)
  • Paper (printer or colored)
  • Kleenex
Summer Reading 2023-2024
Honors: You will have a test over The Pearl or Animal Farm during the second week of school; however, you will have discussions during the first week of school. Please bring your book with you during the first week of school!
Honors + Standard: You will have a test over 7 Habits during the first week of school. There will also be a small project based on the contents of this book. We will begin this project during the first week of school, so please make sure you bring your book with you! 
Happy Reading!!!