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Hello Panther! Welcome to your first year in high school!!


My name is Kelly Geer and I teach English. I want to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year at the Academy. I am so excited to be a part of the Bartlett family and I am looking forward to an awesome year. English I is an academic course that requires a passing grade to meet graduation requirements; it is a scholarly class that centers on empowered, student-centered learning. For these reasons, students are to maintain a scholarly and intellectual discourse when they are attending my class. This course is designed to be interactive, engaged, progressive, thoughtful, and a strong foundation to achieve optimal ACT/SAT preparation as well as ease for students transitioning into a rigorous high school environment.


My pedagogical approach is to create a space where scholars feel respected, valued, and seen in the context of their intellectual development. It is very important to me that my scholars are respectful, engaged, and prepared in their academic process. I encourage scholars to approach high school in a self-directed and thoughtful manner. Communication is paramount to the success of any healthy relationship and I encourage scholars to communicate with me all throughout the process to make sure they receive the support and encouragement they need to thrive.


I am a former professional ballerina and I have traveled extensively throughout the world. Ballet and travel are profound loves of mine and it has shaped me as an individual. The same level of commitment and integrity required to thrive as a ballerina is the same level of commitment and integrity I show to my scholars. I know together as a learning community we can accomplish our goals.


You will be issued your fabulous 1:1 device later in August. Once that has been issued you MUST bring it - charged - everyday. If you do not come into class prepared, you will swiftly fall behind. 

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. We are a team and we are in this together! I'm excited for a fantastic school year.






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Class Leaders for Quarter Four:

Quarter Four Leaders:

English I

Class Leaders for Quarter Three:

Period 2:  Karson Synacek

Period 3: Jaylin Felts

Period 4: Rowland Woodard

Period 5: Makenzie Chandler

Period 6: Jakylah Kent



English I, week of March 19th:

Week of March 19th:

Standards: RL.KID. 1-4 (Knowledge and Ideas); RI.9.1-3 (Key Ideas and Details); RI.9.4-6 (Craft and Structure); RI.9.7-9; L.9.1-4 (Conventions of Standard English, Knowledge of Language, and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use); SL.9.1- 5 (Collaboration and Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas); W.9.1, 4, 9-10 (Argumentative Writing and Research to Build and Present Knowledge)

Dear Students of English I,


Lesson: Finish Debate Projects--Scholars engage in Parliamentary Debates with clear rubric, points, and judges. Project-based learning—scholars will present their Parliamentary Debates in the context of their Teams:

SpeakerModerator of the debate

Prime Minister—Opens debate with 7 minutes and closes debate by summarizing main points in 3 minutes.

Member of Opposition—Refutes arguments presented by the Prime Minister and presents counter claim within 7 minutes.

Minister of Crown—Refutes arguments for the counterclaim presented by the Member of Opposition and reinforces the government’s claim.

Leader of Opposition—Refutes the arguments of the claim presented by the government, summarizes the counterclaim of the opposition team within ten minutes.

Prime Minister—Closes the debate and summarize the main points of the government’s claim within three minutes.

Speaker—presents the winner after tallying the points of the judges.

Target: Skill development in higher-order thinking strategies—analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of complex, grade-level text (informational text) as well as argumentative oration and writing in context.


Lesson: Teacher-directed presentation on The Class System and how it informs social paradigms and social class as a historical context study for To Kill A Mockingbird.


Skill development in historical context, themes, and motifs of core-curricular reading.


Lesson: Mentoring opportunity for Argumentative Essay, which meets the final requirements for their English I course portfolio. The Argumentative Essay completes the independent component of the Debate Project.


Target: Skill development in higher-order thinking strategies—analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of complex, grade-level text (informational text) as well as argumentative oration and writing in context.


Lesson: Teacher-directed presentation on “Discussing Sensitive Topics in the Classroom”. Also, unit eight practice quiz.


The setting of To Kill of Mockingbird is a “Moral Universe”, and character identities impact the events of the story.  Also, vocabulary development for ACT-prep and grade-level fluency.


Lesson: Scholars will take their formal unit eight vocabulary quiz; then, scholars will focus on revising their in-class argumentative essays using the self-grading process.


Vocabulary development for ACT-prep as well as grade-level core-content reading fluency.

Due Dates:

Debate Presentations will be completed on Monday, March 19thh!

Argumentative Essay (Independent component of the Debate Project) due Thursday, March 22nd!

Unit 8 Vocabulary quiz is scheduled for Friday, March 23rd!

Remember: Be Respectful, Be Engaged, and Be Prepared!!!!!!!

All the course resources, due dates, and blog questions are posted to Edmodo and the BCS website.