Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy

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Welcome to my website for Visual Art 1 and 2 at Bartlett's Ninth Grade Academy! I teach these  courses at the Academy and I teach Art History 6th and 7th period at Bartlett High School. 
Feel free to email me regarding coursework, assignments, and anything else I can assist you with at I will respond to emails during non-instructional time. 
Art students are not required to bring art supplies to class! Students pay a $20 fee, directly to me,  which covers the supplies used throughout the year. If you have any issues, hardships, or other concerns regarding this fee please reach out to me and we can work something out privately! Fees can be paid the first week of school. 
All school rules apply in art class! 
My schedule at the Academy: 
Visual Art 1     1st period         7:00 am - 7:54 am 
Visual Art 2    2nd period         7:59am - 8:53 am
Visual Art 1    3rd period          8:58 am - 9:52 am