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Welcome! My name is Amanda Tutor. I can be easily reached at
Thanks for visiting my webpage! To see student photographs, please visit 
        I am SO excited to be teaching art and photography for Bartlett City Schools! I have taught art in Bartlett my whole career, starting at Appling Middle School in 2005. I have served students at Appling, Ellendale, Oak, Bartlett Elementary, and now Bartlett Academy and Bartlett High School. Many current students were in my classes in elementary school!
     This year, 2019-2020, I am teaching Photography  and ART 1 Honors at the Academy, and then traveling to Bartlett High School each day to teach Advanced Photography, which is a brand new course!  
     My classroom is a welcoming and fun place to be. Students are encouraged to develop and share their own thoughts and opinions. It is not a place where kids are either "right" or "wrong". We have lots of thoughtful discussions, support each others endeavors, and make great work. We do fun projects, go outside frequently to take photos, and go on field trips.
     If you were to walk in my classroom, you would see and hear students discussing art or photos, you would see and hear small groups of students editing photos together,  or students engaged in a photo shoot in the hallway, or you would hear silence and see students deeply engaged in a drawing, or they might be chatting as they paint, or helping each other build a portfolio, or students laughing as they struggle to set the tripod for a shoot. 
                   Each week we learn something, and then we DO  what we learned. 
Feel free to email me regarding coursework, assignments, and anything else I can assist you with at I will respond to emails as soon as possible! 
Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions :
1) Cell Phones can be used as a camera for Photography class.
2) Cameras are not required for Photography class.
3) Cameras can be brought to school from home to use in Photography class. (Not the first month of school) 
4) No student needs to bring any supplies nor is there a supply list. 
5) Art students are welcome to bring their own art supplies, but this is not required.
6) Students pay a class fee of $20 - the fee covers supplies. 
7)  Fees can be paid to me in class during the first month of school.
8) Any student on the free and reduced lunch program does not pay any class fees. 
9) Any student with a financial issue regarding the class fee can speak to me privately and I will find a solution.
10) Grades are typically entered on Fridays and are factored into a students overall GPA.
11) I always accept donations of supplies, including old, new, manual, or digital cameras! 
12) Photography class remind code - @fd92cc
13) Art 2 class remind code - @ef4dad
14) There is absolutely zero  homework in my classes. Students will be assigned photos shoots and/or sketchbook assignments, but will be given class time to complete these tasks. Choosing to do these tasks out of school hours is perfectly acceptable. 
15) I sponsor a Photography club open to all 9-12 students regardless of enrollment in any art or photography course. The club meets on BHS campus on specific Wednesdays until 3:15, starting at the end of September. 9th grade students can ride the activity bus to the High School for club meetings and must have a ride home from BHS. More info will come later. 
My schedule at the Academy: 
Photography     1st period          7:00 am - 8:05 am 
Photography      2nd period        8:10 am - 9:10 am
Photography.     3rd period         9:15 am - 10:15am
Art 1Honors       4th period       10:20 am - 11:45 am
My schedule at Bartlett High School:
Advanced Photography      7th period          1:13 - 2:00 pm