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Resource Links

This is where you can come to find the links we use frequently.  Codes to join your class are posted in the classroom.  You may also text me on Remind if you need a code.  If you have an account on any of these and don't remember your login, DO NOT create a new account.  Text me and see if I can help first.
1. Thrivist/Curve (Use your PowerTest number for both username and password, CLICK Login with Clever):
2.  Edulastic:
3.  Khan Academy:
4.  Quizlet (MrsKatyHarris):
5. Deltamath (classroom 582078):
6.  Socrative (HARRIS4830)
7.  Textbook:
8.  Purplemath:  This site is another helpful site with explanations and worked examples.
9.  Desmos:  This site has a free graphing utility.  It also has a lot of activities to practice seeing how math works.  Explore!            In class we will use this link: