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Mrs. Harris Algebra I - Home page

Welcome to Algebra I !
Please read attached syllabus for class policies.
The tutoring schedule attached is for the Main BHS campus.  If your student has an after school activity on the main campus, they can go to tutoring when they get off the activity bus before they do their sport or other activity.  The tutoring teacher will happily provide a "pass" to the coach or sponsoring teacher regarding the tutoring attendance.
This site will be used daily.  So bookmark it and return frequently.
You may e-mail me anytime you like.  I check e-mail throughout the day.  You can expect a reply within 24 hours during the week and within 36-48 hours on a weekend or holiday.
If you want to schedule tutoring or to make-up or re-take an assessment, use the link to sign-up:
If you want to have a parent teacher conference please e-mail me so we can set it up.
How to study Math is an important thing to learn.  This link is for a survey that will help you analyze your math study skills and give you ideas on how to change for success.
FREE Online Graphing Utility:
If you are preparing for the PSAT or the ACT use the attached free practice test.  It is advised to work against a clock so you can used to the pace of the actual test.