Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy


Welcome, students and parents! I am looking forward to an amazing year in Algebra I here at the Academy. I truly have a love for mathematics and I am excited to share that with you! I know first hand the wealth of careers that become available to our students who develop a strong mathematical foundation.  We will do a lot of hands on activities and projects together so we can develop a real understanding of mathematical processes and number sense.   With the 1:1 Technology Initiative, we will be incorporating a lot of technology and tools in the classroom this year.  I look forward to all that we will accomplish together this year.

Mrs McCloskey
(Amy Jurkovic in PowerSchool)
General Supplies
Spiral/Composition Notebook
One ream of copy paper
One binder – 1 or 1 ½ inch

TI-84 recommended

*TI-84 Calculators are strongly recommended, but not required. These are the same calculators that students will be using throughout high school, on the ACT, and college.

Donations - If your budget allows, any of the following donations to the classroom would be greatly appreciated.

*Kleenex                                                      *Bleach Wipes
*Hand Sanitizer                                          *Loose Leaf College-Ruled paper
*Pencils                                                        *Expo Markers (multi-color is preferred)
*Graph Paper                                              *Colored Pencils*Reams of paper – colored or white
If your family does not have wifi at home due to financial constraints, Xfinity may have some help for you.  Use the following link to discover if this program can help you get wifi at home.