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Welcome students and parents to Honors World History and Geography! It is my honest attempt to turn every one of you into a history buff this year. Even if you are not a fan of history, it is my goal to help you find events in the past 800 years that interests you. This course will be rigorous and demanding, but also full of interesting activities. We will examine the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of history this year, and will relate the past to the present day. We will utilize many different types of learning in this class, as well as honing our reading, writing and researching skills. Get ready to go "around the world in 180 days!"

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Homework Questions 4/10


1.Why was Israel chosen as the homeland instead of somewhere else?

2.Why does the United Nations (mostly America/Britain) help the Jews create a homeland?

3.Why does the creation of a Jewish homeland make the Middle East so angry? What is the reaction of Muslim countries?

Snow Day Homework - WW2

Read the following link from top to bottom. The "articles" tab has the portion that you need to read.
Next, go to the "videos tab".
Scroll to the middle of the page and click through the videos (use the right arrow on website) and find the four clips labeled Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt. Watch these and any others you want, they are great clips!
Be prepared for a possible quiz upon return to school.

Unit 2 Exam Tuesday Sept 9th

Each student received a review sheet Friday Sept 5th for Tuesday's exam. If you were absent or misplaced it, it is attached here. Please study your notes, articles, and review sheet to make an A on the exam. 

World Religion Exam Tuesday 8/19

Review Sheet given to you at school is not a grade but will help you tremendously in passing this exam! Please study hard!