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My name is Michael Neal, and I am the orchestra director for Bartlett High School and Bartlett Academy. If you have any questions about any information that you find here, please do not hesitate to email me using the button to the right or simply write to: [email protected].


21 - 22 PTCs

Please see the link below to sign up for a parent teacher conference if you deem it necessary. Please be aware that I will be in room F106 at the high school campus. Anyone that signs up will need to be flexible as I have no control over when the guidance department at the HS will schedule my conferences there. If you need a virtual conference, please contact me via email after you have signed up below.


If no one has said it yet, let me be the first to welcome you to high school. We will be working hard this year to increase our musical competency and fluency. I'm looking forward to working on some awesome music with everyone!

Spring PTCs

Optional PTCs will be held on February 11, 2021. You can sign up here. Please be aware that due to having two schools to conference and control of only one school's schedule, times may have to be moved. Sign up will close at 6a Thursday morning and Zoom links will subsequently be distributed.

Q2 W1 Orchestra Agenda

Lesson Material

  • Warm-ups
    • Long bows
      • Full length bow strokes 
      • Eyes looking for straight bow
      • Ears listening for consistent tone and dynamics from frog to tip
    • Scales
      • 9th: F, Bb
      • Others: C, B, Db - full rotation, extra focus on major intonation and C melodic intonation
  • Continue to learn and refine orchestra music.
    • Arlington Sketches
    • The Evil Eye and the Hideous Heart
  • Begin vibrato exercises
    • Types of vibrato (shoulder instruments)
    • When to use vibrato (basses)
    • Basic motions


  • Practice Log
    • Due 10/19
    • Accepted through 10/23 @ 11:59

Q2 W1 Guitar Agenda

Assignment 1

Musical Inspiration

  • Due Date: 10/20 @ 2PM (no late assignments accepted)

Assignment 2

Note Construction

  • Due Date: 10/23 @ 2PM (no late assignments accepted)

Parent Teacher Conferences

Optional parent teacher conferences will be held virtually on September 24 from 3p to 6p in 15 minute increments. You can find the sign up link here.

20 - 21 BHS Orchestra Handbook

Here you will find the 20 - 21 orchestra/strings handbook. Due to the nature of this year, I prefer confirmation of the handbook via email. You will need to send that to [email protected]. It will NOT be accepted at any other email address. If you feel that you would rather submit it in paper, I can accept it.
To confirm via email, please send the information requested on the last page of the handbook plus a typed statement acknowledging that you have received and read the handbook. Your digital signature will be your name typed after this statement.