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Need more help using EasyBib?  Download the step sheet below.

2. Son of Citation (citation machine)

Directions on How to Insert a Citation in Word 2011 for Mac
By Geetesh Bajaj and James Gordon from Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

To activate the Citations feature, follow these steps:
1 Switch to a view that supports the Toolbox, such as Print Layout view, by clicking the Print Layout button at the lower-left corner of the document window.
2 If Toolbox isn’t showing already, click the Toolbox button on the Standard toolbar to display it.
3 Click the Citations button (second from the left in the top toolbar) to activate
the Citations tab.

In the Citations tab of the Toolbox, you have the following options:
• Citation Style: Click this pop-up menu to choose from four different styles: APA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian.
• Citations List: Word maintains a list of your citations. This option shows Word’s master citations list filtered by the selected style. Select a citation; then double-click it to insert it in your document at the insertion cursor.
• Add Citation: Displays the Add New Citation dialog for your master citations list. You can enter appropriate data for the currently selected citation style.
• Delete Citation: Removes the selected citation from Word’s master citation list.
• Edit Source or Use Citation Source Manager:
You have two options when you click this button:
◦ Edit Source: Displays the Edit Citation dialog.
◦ Citation Source Manager: Displays the Citation Source Manager. Here you can copy citations to and from open documents and share citations with others.
Word maintains a master list of citations, but you have to add or copy at least one citation to your master citations list before you can insert a citation into a document.
In the Edit Citation dialog, you have these options:
• Type of Source: Click this pop-up menu to choose from a list of many source types.
• Bibliography Fields: Enter data as applicable for the citation style selected in the Toolbox pop-up menu.
• Example: Shows an example for the currently select input field.
Use the Citation Source Manager dialog to set the following features:
• Master List: Your Word master list of citations.
• Current List: Citations in the currently active document.
• Copy: Copy a selected citation to or from either list. The Copy direction arrow changes depending upon which list has the currently selected citation.
• New: Opens the Create New Source dialog.
• Edit: Opens the selected citation in the Edit Source dialog.
Delete: Deletes the selected source from your master list.

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A Paper Guide to MLA formatting can be downloaded below.

A "free" MLA formatting reference e-book can be downloaded here. 

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