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Research Paper Help

Put the Ease in Papers, Please!

Beginning Steps

Steps in Writing a Research Paper -from Empire State College, this site will walk you through the steps of writing a research paper with worksheets to help, such as choosing a research question, developing a thesis, and evaluating sources 

Owl - Purdue’s Online Writing Lab step by step instructions for writing a research paper and OWL exercises to help you understand portions of writing papers, ex. Writing Numbers when to spell them out or write them digitally 


Google Scholar

If you have trouble finding resources to start, Easy Bib has a Research section that will show you the bibliographies of other users that researched the same topic. It labels each entry as credible or maybe credible to not credible. If you need more help with writing your paper you can click on the Citation Guide tab. The Citation Guide walks you through writing a paper from Brainstorming an idea to proofreading and revising. 

Citelighter downloadable tool bar that lets you highlight and save resources puts them on a page with the citation at the bottom of the page. The notes can be rearranged and when imported into Word, the citations become the Bibliography. They have Knowledge cards of research being done by other people. If your topic is not among them they will help create one for you.

Academic Citation Resource Guide 40 links to style guides, FAQs, tutorials, quizzes, sample papers, and tools to make your citation and research processes more streamlined.

Evaluating Web Sites – Cornell University’s Library has a printer-friendly webpage to help you evaluate the sites you may want to use in your research

Paper Review

Paper Rater Free online grammar checker, plagiarism detector, word choice, sentence length, spelling, etc. 

Plagiarism Checker Checks phrases from your document, allows you to create a Google alert on your phrases 

Bibliography Makers

BibMe Free automatic bibliography maker can be downloaded in MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian formats page1image20736__________________________________________________________________________________

Attached are files and PowerPoints that will provide more information about writing a research paper.

The files attached are as follows:

1. How to research cheat sheet

2. Is this site credible?

3.  We have to write a research paper? Detailed explanation of writing a research paper/and an example of a research paper in MLA format

4.  How to make an outline powerpoint

5. Plagiarizing, Quoting, and Summarizing Powerpoint

6.  Powerpoint that gives examples of writing a thesis statement

7.  Powerpoint describing a works cited page in MLA format

8.  Peer Editing checklist for an introductory paragraph

The following information was downloaded from Teacher Pay Teacher