Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy

How to find Information

The goal of the library is to help you to become a lifelong independent learner.  That includes finding information and resources by yourself.  Face it you won't have a librarian available to you 24/7 and Google and Wikipedia are not all you need for quality work.  This page is designed to help you do more efficiently.
The Library Collection
To Search the library collection online, you will need to use a network computer within the school, (NOT YOUR CELL PHONE).  To search the collection, make lists for your use, and to see if something is available or not follow these steps.
  • Open Safari
  • Delete the URL information
  • Type in this IP address:
  • A screen shot is attached below if you have difficulty
TN Electronic Library ( A free resource of databases for Tennesseans)
TN Electronic Library is a collection of databases that will provide you with resources throughout your life.  It is paid for by TN tax dollars and unfortunately underutilized. Please note that built in geolacators will question you if you are outside the border of TN while using it and some portions of it will require an active email address for registration purposes.
It includes the following resources
  • 10 different levels or types of World Book Encyclopedias complete with printable pictures and citations.  These encyclopedias include a time line function, encyclopedias for all ages, reference finders, learning game pages, and a Spanish encyclopedia.
  • PowerSpeak Need help learning a foreign language or English?   This resource is a mini-language course with different lessons with varying levels of instruction. The languages featured are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and ESL for Spanish and Mandarin. Actual native speakers guide the lessons,  There is differentiation of instruction for remediation or enrichment.
On the TN Electronic Library Main Page you will see shortcut buttons for:
  • Homework Help button.  This resource includes links for Student resources for papers, projects, and presentations.  It includes articles, images, primary sources, and more. A link for Opposing Viewpoints, Literature Resources, A TEL for Kids pages, and a Books and Authors database
  • Research button.  This link will allow you to do Boolean Searches for quick researching of a variety of magazines and professional journals
  • Test Prep.  This Resources is for all ages. It includes test practice and skill building for middle schoolers and high school students, test review for AP courses, college test review for ACT and SAT tests, GED review,  and review for professional tests for adults already working in careers.
  • Career Tools.  Searching for a career or wanting to make a change?  This resource will help.
  • Genealogy tools
  • Links that will help you navigate the site and make it perform the way you need it to.
Search Engines and Web Sites to help you
BHS High School's Listing of Resources   This listing is from the 10th-12th BHS Library Page
100 best sites for research!  Aggregate web site with 100 different search engines to help you find information effectively.
 Refdesk Refdesk is an aggregate web site.  That means it is a collection of all different types of websites in one place. Scan the lists of links to determine what you need.
Google Scholar  Google Scholar is a search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly literature across an array of disciplines and publishing formats.
Instagrok This search engine requires a registration.  It has free aspects as well as upgradeable paid portions. It helps you research visually with concept maps and allows you to share it with others.
EasyBib This website is great for making work cited pages.  It will alphabetize the final page and export the completed page to your word processor.
Son of Citation Machine This web site will walk you step by step through correct citation format.  You select the style you are using APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian.  Then choose what type of citation you are making, plug in the correct information and it will build your citation for you.
Noodle Tools  Noodle tools is a web site that will allow you to make virtual note cards, help you keep them organized, and will help you avoid plagiarism.  It has free sections for general use and subscription rates for more advanced features.
Noodle Tools has a great page that lists different search engines for different functions all in one place
Noodle Tools Choose the best search engine  This page is under maintenance.  Keep checking to see when it has been updated.
Key Word Searching and Boolean Logic
  • Know the difference between a subject search (just trying to find out information about a subject to research), and a keyword search (a search using specific terms)
  • Don't go with the first website that comes up.  Often these sites pay to be the first one and therefore you need to delve deeper
  • Look at the validity of the site.  Wikipedia is not valid because it can be modified by people with no expertise in the subject.  Look for sites that end with .org, .edu. or .gov
  • Use a variety of search engines, see list above
  • Use Boolean Logic and Advanced Search boxes
For an explanation and an example of using Boolean operators, see the following video