Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy

Library Information

Library Facts:
Hours of Library Operations: 6:40 A.M. -2:05 P.M. Monday through Friday or until I need to go home.

Number of Students: 754

Number of Items: 13,000

Checkout Period:
14 days including weekends (2 weeks)

Using the library:
Students have open circulation and use of the library as long as they have a hall pass from their teacher. They will need to have the proper form from their teacher and be able to explain to me exactly what they are working on, what they need, and when they need to return to class. Students will come in to the library, sit down quietly at a table by themselves, and work. Students are encouraged to ask for help if they have a question that is related to the library and finding information.

Classes of students are scheduled by teachers in the library.

Please do not chew gum in the library. Gum destroys books, furnishings, carpet, and is annoying to me. Students that misbehave in the library will be red-carded. Red cards are cumulative and build forward to an office referral.

Checkouts: Students may have up to 4 books for a two week period. More can be arranged if needed.

Students may use the “Hold system” if a book is not available. Holds will not be honored if a student has a fine or overdue book.

Fines: After a book is checked out more than two weeks, charges of 10 cents/school day will be calculated. Fines continue to add up until the book is returned. No books will be checked out to students when they have a fine.

Overdue Notice:  Notices are posted every Wednesday in the hallway, and an overdue list will be emailed to language arts teachers. Please check with the librarian if your name appears on the list especially if you feel that your name has appeared on the list in error.   Responsibility for returning items to the library on time resides with the student who checked the book out.

Lost or damaged books: If a student loses or damages a book, they will be charged the replacement cost of the book. If the book is later found during the school year, student money will be refunded.

 Bartlett Academy Library Mission Statement: The mission of the Bartlett Academy Library is to help students become life-long independent learners. Students will be taught necessary skills to quickly locate, critically evaluate, and effectively use information to meet student needs. Students will be encouraged to read for academic purposes while developing a love of pleasure reading that will last a lifetime.