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Welcome! My name is Mrs. Price and this is my 7th year of teaching at the Ninth Grade Academy. I will be teaching Biology I, Biology I Honors, and one section of Physical Science for the 2020-2021 school year. I am also very excited to be the school's Instructional Coach and look forward to learning with you this year!
I know it has been an....interesting time. I know you may feel stressed, anxious, unsure of what's next, and ready to have normal. I get it. I am here to support you and we will get through this year together! To help us through this year, we will be using Zoom. This program helps ensure that all students, whether virtual or in-person, are able to have equivalent instructional, practice, assessment, and remediation time. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others-either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chats-and it lets you record those sessions to view later. I will be posting self-generated zoom links for you to access throughout the year. 
Zoom Instructions:
ALL STUDENTS WILL NEED TO ACCESS THE ZOOM APPLICATION USING THE LAUNCH PAD ON THEIR COMPUTER. Drag the application to your dock for constant access. Students will login to Zoom using their Bartlett email user ID and password. If students are unable to login to zoom, on their computer, they will need to reset their password on Zoom. The application should work after the password is reset!
 --Teacher requires all students to enter a waiting room in order to accept each student into the zoom meeting.
--For more information on utilizing zoom, please locate my "How To" Zoom document on the right side of this page.
Weekly Structure:
For the 2020-2021 school year, students have been divided into 3 groups:
-Hybrid Learners Group A: attend school Monday and Wednesdays
-Hybrid Learners Group B: attend school Tuesday and Thursdays
-Virtual Learners Group C: at home Mon-Fri. Virtual learners will Zoom with teachers, following the daily bell schedule on Tuesday's and Fridays. 
2nd period: 8:05-9:00
3rd period: 9:05-10:00
4th period: 10:35-11:30
5th period: 12:05-1:00
6th period: 1:05-1:55
Zoom link is posted on Curve inside the folder titled Zoom link(s). 
Week-at-a-Glance Agendas:
  1.  Please continue to check your week-at-a-glance document for each class as well as completing any posted assignments and activities. 
  2. The week-at-a-glance document will be posted on curve, my webpage, and usually sent on remind to ensure that all students are clear on what assignments they are to complete and when the assignments are due. The assignments must be completed daily and will be assigned using the websites listed above. 
Office Hours:
All learners have access to my provided office hours on Tuesday's (11:40 -12:00) using the zoom link posted on Curve (online platform). Students have been uploaded into their courses on Curve and will access Curve through logging into Clever.
Student Attendance will be taken by students accessing a link posted on their week-at-a-glance document. ALL STUDENTS (GROUP A, B and C) PARTICIPATE IN DOCUMENTING THEIR ATTENDANCE AT HOME AND IN PERSON EACH DAY.
The additional websites we will be using are listed below. 
  • Pearson Online Biology Book
  • McGraw Hill Online Physical Science Book
  • Edgenuity (Online Curriculum)
  • Clever (Single Sign-on to access all programs)
  • Curve/Thrivist (Online Platform) 
For more information on the above web programs, please go to my informative page titled: 2020-2021 "Frequently used websites". (located on the right of this page)
Remind Codes:
To obtain the remind codes for Biology and Physical Science please open the Welcome PowerPoint on the home page. The remind codes are different for each subject.


Instructor’s Daily Schedule:


1st period (7:00am-8:00am): PLANNING PERIOD

2nd period (8:05am-9:00am): Physical Science

3rd period (9:05am-10:00am): Biology I Honors

4th period (10:05am-12:00am): Biology I  

  • A Lunch: 10:05-10:30am > my lunch
  • B Lunch: 10:35-11:00am
  • C Lunch: 11:05-11:30am
  • D Lunch: 11:35-12:00am > Tuesday zoom office hours (use zoom link on Curve)

5th period (12:05pm-1:00pm): Biology I Honors

6th period (1:05pm-2:00pm): Biology I Honors


Course Syllabus/PPT's:

Located on the right side of my home page you will see each course syllabus, informative files, and any important links you may need. 

On the home page, under post(s), you will see class PowerPoints and Guided notes. This information has been posted for students to use for additional resources. All that is needed to find the correct PowerPoint is the topic of the week! 

Suggested Student Supplies:


  • headphones
  • Notebook paper 
  • Pencil
  • Laptop protective case and fully charged laptop each day!
-Please review the virtual student resources for troubleshooting websites pdf that I have uploaded for technology issues.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have or help you may need by emailing me at
Thanks for stopping by!