Mary Frost » Welcome to English Honors 9!

Welcome to English Honors 9!

Welcome Class of 2025!
My name is Mary Frost. This is my twenty-seventh year in the teaching profession but I can honestly say that I am most excited about this school year! After the COVID year, I am looking forward to students returning to the classroom so we can play real school! I know that you may have some apprehension about starting high school and being enrolled in an English Honors class, but at the Academy, we are built for success. 
This year, we will work on enhancing your appreciation for reading, writing, and communicating effectively. Since you are in English Honors, I am relying on you to be a very mature learner.  The best way to succeed in this class is to be effectively engaged in your learning process: be reflective, be authentic, be responsible, and respect the struggle.  We are going to explore various types of texts that are often extreme, challenging, complex, and thought provoking.  You must be prepare to go "deeper that a muddle puddle" to truly have an appreciate for the selections we will read and analyze. Finally, attitude is everything! I know that English may not be your favorite subject, but I will do my best to help you gain a new appreciation for the power of reading, writing, and rhetoric. These are actually super powers that you well help you in any facet of your life.  
Please refer to the tabs in blue, to the right of this page, to navigate this website and to find out more information for this class. If you need more help at any time, please email me at
3:00-6:00. Click on the tab to the right, at the bottom, if you would like to make an appointment.