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Bartlett Honors Academy-Application

Honors Academy Acceptance is determined after the review of the completed Honors Academy Application.
A complete application includes
  1. completion of the Honors Academy Application form.
  2. completion of the Writing Task (This will be submitted using the link in the Honors Academy Application).*
  3. review of three Teacher Recommendations (The teachers will complete these after you have submitted the email addresses of three teachers on the Honors Academy Application).*
*You may want to gather these items before starting the application.
Note: Grades, conduct, discipline records, test scores, and attendance may also be reviewed to determine eligibility.
Honors Academy Application: Writing Task:
You may complete the Writing Task before starting the Honors Academy Application because once you begin the application, you will not have the option to save your progress.
Click the buttons below to view the Writing Task and complete the Honors Academy Application.