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Expectations for Virtual Learning



Here is the official list of expectations from BCS regarding virtual learning:

When attending class online, students are expected to:

  • Use their BCS issued device.

  • Log in with their BCS email and should display their first and last name.

  • Keep their video stream on when zooming. When speaking, speak to the camera not to their screen.

  • Keep their microphone muted, except when speaking with the teacher or as directed otherwise.

  • Be dressed appropriately for school.

  • Limit distractions from learning, including visiting other websites/programs and using cell


  • Adhere to the schedule provided to them by the teacher.

  • Commit to meeting all assignment due dates.

  • Email the teacher if they are ill and/or unable to access Curve.



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100% Virtual Students must log into Curve at least once per school day (Monday through Friday) during regular school hours and complete their assigned learning activities as directed by the teacher. Curve is our Learning Management System (LMS) and is where all instructional resources will be located. 100% virtual students must also log in at the specified time during regular school hours to meet with teachers via Zoom. Failure to complete assigned work for the day and/or meet with teachers will result in an absence being recorded. If there are extenuating circumstances with a required log in, please contact yourchild’s teacher or principal. BCS Board Policy 6047 will govern absences, truancy, and make-up work.