Mrs. Amanda Tutor » Photography Course Syllabus 2021- 2022

Photography Course Syllabus 2021- 2022

Photography Course Syllabus

Bartlett Academy 

Instructor - Amanda Tutor


What makes a


photograph great?

We will spend our year answering this question through a variety of research, investigation, and hands on training.  As students will learn, cameras do not take pictures by themselves.

What makes a great photograph starts with the eye behind the lens

in other words, great photographs are a result of  choices made by the photographer.

In this course, students will focus on three significant tasks:

1) Train to use their eyes (become visually literate)

2) Train to use their tools (learn to use cameras and editing software)

3) Synthesize this training and apply this knowledge to create amazing photographs

Course Description

As a result of this course, students will be visually literate, will understand how cameras work, how composition works, how lighting works, how to use photo editing software. Students will take a thousand or more photographs throughout the year. Students will be quizzed frequently to ensure understanding of terminology, will spend a large portion of time researching photographers, editing their photographs, and completing written assignments to evaluate photographs and compare and contrast the work of a variety of photographers. Depending on class culture, we may or may not take photographs during class time.


Students will receive a grade per week, usually entered by Monday of the following week. Students will be told what assignment, activity, or project their weekly grade will be attributed too. 



Students  pay a $20 course fee for the printing of photographs - with the exception being students who are on free and reduced lunch. 

Learning Outcomes

To successfully complete this course, students must:
Enroll in class "remind" 
Attend class
      Complete assignments by given deadlines
Cooperate with other students and staff to increase learning potential
Take and Edit photos successfully 
Take part in class discussions and critiques of photos presented in class.
Required Materials

Any device that has a camera feature, or an actual digital camera  


Note - If a student is using their phone as their camera, and is GROUNDED from their phone, I will find an alternative way for a student to participate, however, students should make every attempt to NOT find themselves in this situation!