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Mrs. Amanda Tutor » IMPORTANT INFO for 2020-2021 !

IMPORTANT INFO for 2020-2021 !

This year, school email use will be mandatory for students- This year, more than ever before, email will be an essential part of our students' daily routine. Students must check school email each day and respond to emails when appropriate. If any student needs to reset your school email (username and/or password) there is a link in the BCS App Store. 
This year, use of Curve will be mandatory - This year, all students in all grades will use learning software called "Curve". To access Curve, students will log into the learning management system called "Clever", then click the  icon for "Curve", and will automatically be logged in. Students should see each of their classes listed in Curve. Students can also email their teacher in Curve, but for my class, please use your school email. 

Zoom may be required in my class this year! Here is how to do it!


Zoom Instructions for Students and Parents

Before you ZOOM

  1. You will need your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
    2. You will receive a notification from your child’s teacher with a 9-digit meeting ID that you can use to join your class -OR- your teacher will email you a link to click on. Most meetings will have a meeting password as well to enter.

To Join a ZOOM

  1. Join the meeting by clicking on a ZOOM link provided by your teachers. (
    2. Follow the prompts to download and run ZOOM. You can download zoom in advance as well for your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
    3. Enter your meeting ID/password if you are prompted to do so.
    4. Click to join the audio conference.
    5. When you are in the meeting, you may click on the start video button to turn on the camera on your device.

ZOOM Controls

Using the icons along the bottom of the screen you can:
• Mute/Unmute your microphone - your teacher may ask you to mute your microphone during the lesson to limit background noises. You can un-mute your device to ask your teacher a question.
• Turn on/off your camera - turning your camera on allows your teacher to see you and know you are following along with them.
• View participant list - this opens a list of all the students logged into the classroom. This also has an option to ‘raise your hand.’ If you click to raise your hand, it will notify your teacher so they can talk to you.
• Share screen - this allows your teacher to share their computer screen with you.
• Chat - this opens a chat window where the teacher can see any questions you may have and respond to you.