Mrs. Amanda Tutor » Welcome to High School, Class of 2026!!!

Welcome to High School, Class of 2026!!!

Welcome to my website! 
My name is Amanda Tutor and I am delighted to teach Photography at Bartlett's Ninth Grade Academy! I teach Photography at the Academy 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period each day and then travel to BHS and teach Advanced Photography 6th and 7th period. If you need to reach me, I am at [email protected]
My schedule at the Academy
Rm 311
First period 7:00- 8:05
Second period 8:05 - 9:00
Third period 9:05- 10:00
My schedule at BHS 
Room F103
Sixth period 12:25-1:05
Seventh period 1:15-2:00 
My classroom is a welcoming and fun place to be. Students are encouraged to develop and share their own thoughts and opinions. It is not a place where kids are either "right" or "wrong". We have lots of thoughtful discussions, support each others endeavors, and make  great work. We do fun projects, go outside frequently to take photos, and go on field trips.
 If you were to walk in my classroom, you would see and hear students discussing photos, you would see and hear small groups of students editing photos together, or making keynotes of a photo series, or students laughing as they struggle to set the tripod for a shoot. Each week we learn something, and then DO what we learned.