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First Week of High School

The following 2 items are due at the beginning of class on Friday, 8/16:
1. Required Summer Reading Journal Assignment
  • This needs to be answered/completed before entering the classroom on Friday (8/16).
  • Remember that per the directions on your required summer reading journal assignment, your journal responses must be answered in complete sentences.

  • Your responses may be either handwritten or typed.

    • If you typed your responses but do not have a way to print them, please email me at
    • For the subject, please include your English class period in addition to your first and last name. 
  • Please be sure to number each of your responses in accordance to the question being addressed. 

  • Also ensure that your heading includes the following in the upper left corner of your paper: student’s full name, English class period, and due-date (August 16, 2019). Be sure to include the title of the assignment (Required Summer Reading Journal Assignment) below your heading, as well.  

2. Choose a poem, song, or current event news article that reflects the same theme as your chosen summer reading book. 
  • You must have the poem, song, or current event news article already saved as a pdf on your desktop whenever you enter class on Friday, 8/16.
  • Please do not come to class on Friday with the excuse that your poem, song, or current event news article didn’t save and/or that you saved it but now you cannot find it. If you listened and paid attention in class + followed teacher instruction in class + are reading this and following the directions listed below, then there should be no reason for you to be unable to locate it quickly on your desktop tomorrow. 🤗
  • Remember that we reviewed how to create a pdf from your notes app in class on Thursday. I also sent out a REMIND text blast on Wednesday evening regarding how to do this.
    • However, step-by-step instructions on how to create a pdf from your notes app have been provided below for your convenience.
  • We also covered theme in class on both Wednesday and Thursday.
  • You were also given the opportunity to collaborate with classmates who read the same book as you via break-out groups in class on Thursday.
  • Per our class norms, you have been (and always will be) encouraged to write anonymous questions on a sticky-note and post on the "Got Questions" poster on the back wall if you have any questions or need further clarification.
  • You may also speak with me before/after class, email me at, or message questions via REMIND. 
An anonymous student posted the following question regarding question #13 on the summer reading journal questions. It was an excellent question that several other students agreed they also had, so I'm posting question #13 + anonymous student question + answer below:



Student’s First and Last Name


English Class Period


Format of Text (Song, Poem, Article)


“Title” (Song, Poem, Article) — Quotation Marks (Short Works of Literature)


By ___________ (Song Artist, Poet, Author)


Copy & Paste the lyrics / article into notes app.




Command + P

{hold down the command key (to the left/right of space bar) & press the letter P at the same time}


Rather than clicking “print” (bottom right) click “pdf” (bottom left). 


Click “Save as pdf 


Save As: Summer Reading Assessment Part 2


Where: Desktop 

Make sure that you change it from documents to desktop. This enables your pdf to be saved + immediately appear on your desktop for easy access.