Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy

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All students must bring their laptops and chargers to school on Friday, May 5th.

This Friday, we will have the laptop/charger check. During 1st period teachers will check the laptops for major damage and check the chargers to make sure that they work and are in good condition.
· Friday, all students must bring their laptop and charger for inspection. In first period, all students will use a link that takes them to a form on which they will fill out their name, the school, their current grade level, and their laptop asset number or serial number if needed.
· Once students have completed that portion of the form, students will need to take their laptops and charger to the teacher to complete the inspection. Teachers will check all of the appropriate boxes for the inspection and put their LAST, FIRST name in the box before submitting.
· The form records all of the information we gathered last year, but instead of teachers having to handwrite the information or type everything in for each student, the students will complete the majority of the form before presenting the laptop and charger for inspection.
· Students who are missing their charger will have until May 12th to show the charger to Ms. Taylor. After that, students with damaged or missing chargers will need to pay for the charger, $50, before they will receive their report cards. Ms. Taylor will handle all chargers after Friday’s initial check.
If you have any questions, please contact the school.
Thank you.
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HUGE BCS Art Show on Saturday, April 29th, at Singleton

HUGE BCS art show coming up on Saturday April 29th at Singleton! Every school in Bartlett has work in this exhibit!

BCS Art teachers will hang over 600 pieces of art on Friday, April 28th after school and the work is on display for one day only – Saturday April 29th - from 10 am – 3 pm. The art is judged by a professional juror AND by popular vote. For $1 per vote, guests can vote as many times as they like for as many pieces as they like. All proceeds benefit the Bartlett Education Foundation.

Awards are presented to winning students at 3 pm!
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Youth Leadership Bartlett

The Youth Leadership Bartlett program been in existence for 20 years. We initially had Bartlett and Bolton High
Schools and added Arlington for several years. With the creation of the suburban school systems Arlington has
chosen not to participate and we are back to Bartlett and Bolton. Unfortunately we did not have a class last
year, but have made some changes this year, one of which is recruiting earlier.

The Youth Leadership Bartlett program is being planned for the 2017-2018 school year. Supt. Stephens supports
the program and approved allowing the students to have excused absences on two days during the program.
His son went through YLB two years ago.

Attached is a copy of Program Schedule and additional information on page 2. The tuition for the program is $250,
and includes expenses for the two overnight sessions. We also have a payment plan and financial assistance if needed.
We will be recruiting during April and have the student/parents meeting in May. They will begin the program in August.

We will begin recruiting students in April and would like to know if there would be opportunity to make a short
presentation to your students during that time. The program is for sophomores and juniors so we will be recruiting
to Academy students for the sophomores next year. Do you have any assemblies or class meetings where we could
talk for a few minutes to explain the program? Or other opportunities?

Sue Coleman
Youth Leadership Bartlett
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Interim Grade Reports and the last Wellness Switch*

Interim Grade Reports go home with all students on Tuesday, April 25th.

Girls enrolled in Wellness will be in the gym starting Monday, April 24th, and through May 5th. They will be back in the classroom May 8th-12th for the Family Life Curriculum. They will then be back in the gym May 15th through may 26th.

Boys enrolled in Wellness will be in the classroom starting Monday, April 24th, and through May 5th. They will be back in the gym May 8th-12th while the girls are in the classroom for the Family Life Curriculum. Boys will return to the classroom May 15th for the Family Life Curriculum, and they will then remain in the classroom May 15th through May 26th.
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2017 TNReady End-of-Course Testing

Parents, this week and next we will be involved in TNReady End-of-Course Testing. See schedules below. Parents, specifically as it relates to check-ins and check-outs, we cannot pull a student out of a class during an active testing session, and we cannot admit a check-in to enter a class during an active testing session. Make sure students get a good night's sleep and have a healthy breakfast on testing days. Thank you for your assistance with these matters.
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BHS Cheer Tryouts

BHS Cheer is preparing for Spring Tryouts. There is an informational meeting on Tuesday, March 7th, at 6:30pm, in the BHS cafeteria. Girls interested in trying out need to attend this meeting along with a parent or guardian. Additional information is available in Ms. Harral’s room, room 100. Tryouts will be March 27-31, from 4:30-6:30pm, in the Bartlett Academy cafeteria.
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